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Tópico: Carnival Costume Event: Announcement

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    Carnival Costume Event: Announcement

    "The Settlers Online" Carnival Costume Event

    Timespan: February 23rd – Mach 5th 2017 (23:59 server time)

    Dear players,

    As winter is drawing to a close, people all over the world are dressing up to celebrate the Carnival Season.
    The Settlers Online Community is therefore invited to take part in this frenzy! We are searching for nice, enchanting carnival costumes. Take a picture of you dressed or wearing face paint and win exciting rewards!
    Costumes or face make-up related to "The Settlers Online" are very welcome; think not only of woodcutters, generals or evil queens but also of unicorns, star coins, Ali Baba or Sonya Graham! It's all there, in the game, and it's up to you to bring it to life with a costume.

    Post a picture of yourself dressed up. Your nickname must be part of the picture
    in a physical way to watermark it as your personal creation (e.g. you can hold the card in your hand).
    It is not enough to add your nickname with software such as Paint or Photoshop afterward.

    Rank 1: 4,000 Gems
    Rank 2: 2,000 Gems
    Rank 3: 1,000 Gems

    Please follow the event rules. Read the instructions carefully before you submit your work.
    Contributions that are not following the rules will not be taken into consideration.
    By participating, you agree to the conditions.

    • You have one regular game account
    • 3rd party rights must be respected
    • Each player can participate once = 1 contribution per person only
    • Underage players must get parent's permission
    • Submit your contribution by posting a photo > here <
    • Add your nickname
      Your nickname must be part of the photo in a physical way, e.g. write down your nickname on a card and hold it next to your costume. This way your name will be part of the photo in a physical way. If your nickname is not visible or hard to read, your submission will not be taken into consideration. Adding your nickname by editing the photo with a software is not permitted. This rule is mandatory to avoid cheating / using pictures from other persons.
    • Announcement of winners
      Participants agree that Ubisoft / Blue Byte is allowed to announce the winners and present their submitted pictures. Real names will not be used for the publication, but nicknames, game world, and language version. The pictures will be stored on Ubisoft / Blue Byte servers to present the contributions that won a reward. Channels that might be used for announcing the winners and for presenting the contributions are international websites, forums, Facebook channels, Instagram and Twitter channels managed by Ubisoft / Blue Byte (especially "The Settlers Online" channels).

    • Post a photo of you in your costume or wearing face paint > here <
    • Please notice: The forum thread is moderated (posts are invisible until they are approved by The Community Team)
    • Only pictures that stick to all recommendations (content, deadline, correct thread, etc.) have a chance to win
    • Important: Do not forget to display your in-game nickname in the photo (see rules)
    • Picture resolution: At least 1024 x 768 pixels (or higher resolution)
    • The forum software scales pictures down. Please use a free picture service to upload your photo.
      E.g. or/and
    • Sunday, 5th of March 2017 (23:59 server time)
    More information
    • Once your contribution was activated (= post visible to public), posterior changes might not be taken into consideration
    • You are invited to ask questions or to discuss the event in the dedicated > feedback thread <.

    • The Ubisoft / Blue Byte team chooses the winners
    • The winners will be announced approx. 2 weeks after the participation deadline
    • The rewards will be sent to the winners' game accounts soon after publishing the results

    Participate by posting a photo of you in your costume or wearing face paint > here <
    Please leave your feedback and ask questions in the dedicated > feedback thread <
    Have fun!
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