We'd like to thank our German player Merlin-tkn1971 for her artwork! The three images below are the concept art of the statue, as envisioned by our player

The Three Statues

Still standing in front of the cyclops, you're discussing the next steps with your crew. Somehow you can't seem to decide what to do next, but the goal is clear: wake up Eamon at all costs. With a smirk on her lips and braveness sparkling in her eyes, Sonya takes some steps closer to Eamon; she carefully kisses his closed eye! For a few seconds, nothing happens, but soon you notice a small movement: Eamon yawns in a dark voice, as he stretches in the crumbling room: "Thee, who has't hath passed mine tasks. What wisdom doth thee search?" asks he.

Feeling inspired by Eamon's ancient language, you answer in verse:

"We do not want to know the future, nor do we seek goodwill from you,
We found a cursed person with an unworldly statue;
It seems to be hurting people and doesn't belong here,
Tell us why this is all happening, Eamon The Seer!"

Eamon’s eye shines brightly. With his hand, he makes a movement which could only mean: "bring me the statue". You stare back at the team and do the same movement. Scoutty, the explorer who was holding the statue, comes forth in great awe, but on his way he stumbles over a rock, losing hold of the statue into the puddle of stones or oddly looking things on the ground! "Oh no, Scoutty, why do you have to be so clumsy?" you think as you move closer to it to pick it up. On closer inspection, you see that the stones are not just only stones, but statues; many statues and broken figurines. Utterly confused, you try to find your statue, but it seems hopeless. You can only hope that the statue was not broken because there are a lot of broken statues and only three who are intact. You take the three statues and look at them. One of them slightly resembles the statue the frozen person held in his hands, but you're unsure.

You look back at the crew, holding up the 3 statues close to your body as you ask:
"Which of these statues is the right one? Eamon surely needs the original one, which holds the curse!"

The crew members are unsure either, but each of them gives a little hint on what they can remember about the statue:

Scoutty: It was an owl! With red eyes!
The Savage Explorer: No, surely it was an eagle. An eagle with red eyes!
The Iron-Willed Geologist: I remember it had obsidian in its feathers. I am sure about this, as I checked its consistency and it had obsidian wings. It had other colourful gems, but I couldn't verify what kind of gems those were, but magical for sure.

What statue will you give to the Seer?