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Tópico: Change Log 03.09.19

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    Blue Byte Team
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    May 2018

    Change Log 03.09.19

    3rd of September 2019

    • The 2019 Anniversary Event will be technically implemented into the game; scheduled to start on the 9th of September!
    • A new adventure, "Split City in Summer", has been added; It can be found on medium/long searches from level 36 onwards!
    • A new tribute has been added to the game: the Education Tribute - which can be acquired from the "Defense On Strike" achievement!
    • New skins for the Mayor's House have been added to the shop, allowing players to give the building the look of lower-level versions!

    • Buffs applied to the Combat Armoury are now displayed correctly.
    • Added missing translations to the achievements "Settlement, Village and Town".
    • Adjusted the shop description of the Fairytale Castle to show the correct production values.
    • Adjusted the buff description of the Footie Pitch buff "The Wave" to include the new Magnificent Watermill.

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