Howdy Settlers,

your island inhabitants have demanded for a new holiday to calm down a bit. There are many ideas but you decided that it is time to pay homage to settlers who have an interesting hobby. Your settlers wake up every morning and plant some trees for your woodcutter. You have planted small trees yourself since years and still take care of them. Share a picture of it with the community!

It can be something daily or something special!

Take a picture of something you do in your daily life (hobby) which is a part of your settlers life. Join the activity in this thread.

General information
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BB_Kumakun (Community Manager)
BB_Kumakun has a hobby just like every settler forester. She takes care of sick succulents, mini-trees and palms of other people and cleans them, takes care of them for some time and then gives them back (more) healthy [or even plants them]. The newest patient can be seen here. Whats your Settler worthy hobby?

  • You have a regular game account
  • The rights of third parties must not be infringed
  • Entries must not infringe upon the copyright of other works. Submission will be validated to ensure the work is original and of the entrants own creation
  • Minors need the consent of their parents