I suggest that the 1001 nights sequence has lots modification to get the next adventure. Ali Baba, The Young Wood Cutter would always give a sequel adventure: First Thief or Second Thief or Third Thief. First Thief would always come the sequence Treasure of Knowledge and so on.
The reason is that there are weekly and Pathfinder missions requesting to make Sea Serpent, Besieged City or Treasure of Wisdom, but it is very difficult to get these adventures because today to make A City Under Besieged, with luck, you have to do 48 Ali Baba, The Young Wood Cutter, 8 First Thief , 4 Treasure of Knowledge.
As almost every week has one of these adventures, it's almost impossible. I don't do the weekly mission anymore. Pathfinder often fails.
It would look like Mountain Clan or Evil Queen