For this tutorial, it is important that you have full access to the email linked in your Facebook account.
If you do not have access to the E-Mail, you will need to change it first.

1. Open the following Link:

2. You will now be able to see the app "The Settlers Online" with the status "active".

3. Click on "Remove" on the right
4. A popup will appear explaining the detachment/deletion.

5. IMPORTANT: Click "Allow Facebook to inform The Settlers Online that your login has been disconnected. You may be suggested another login option." at the bottom. The checkmark must be set there!
6. Click on "Remove"
7. Within 1-10 minutes you will receive an E-Mail with the title: "Transfer your The Settler Online account". Please also check the spam and advertising tabs in your E-Mail.

8. In this email you will be told that you need to set a new password. Click on "here" in the text to open the start page.
If you do not receive an email after 10 minutes, please contact the support team who will help you with the migration.

9. A white Ubisoft popup will open on the Mainpage!

Make sure that your real Settlers account is displayed at the top of the screen. [Example: You are logged in as "BB_Trafffer"].
10. In this popup you can now create a Ubisoft account. The name of the Ubisoft account can be different from your Settlers account.
11. Remember the E-Mail and the new password. You will need these as your new login data from now on.
OPTIONAL: If you already have a Ubisoft account next to your Settlers account, please click on LOGIN (see picture) and enter your Ubisoft E-Mail and Ubisoft password. You can NOT enter your old Settlers Online data!

After that, your Settlers Online account is connected to the Ubisoft login.
You can now always log in directly via the start page using the Ubisoft button with your Ubisoft data.

Please be aware: Do not click on the Facebook-Button on the Webpage and also do not open the "Play page" of Settlers via Facebook directly or your account might get migrated back to Facebook without prior notice!