Resource Conversion & Starfall Event!



  • This game update includes the introduction of our brand-new Starfall Event:
  • Unveil a mysterious presence on the horizon, as we introduce a fresh series of quests and alluring rewards crafted specifically for players between levels 40 and 80
  • Upon successful completion of the initial quest chain, new repeatable quests within the same level range will be unlocked, promising even greater rewards and challenges
  • The quests and rewards will scale and vary depending on your current level
  • To unlock the Starfall quest chain players must attain a minimum level of 40 and have explored at least 9 island sectors.
  • Huge shout out to the dedicated test server community who contributed so much in discovering and fixing so many bugs in the final days of development.
  • To celebrate this release, exciting Starfall-themed decorations have arrived in our store!

  • Server: Fixed a server issue where players would get stuck loading in at 90%
  • Text: Fixed a localization issue when deleting adventures
  • UI: Operators work in the trade menu again ("|" for "and", "^x" for "starts with x", "x$" for "ends with x")


Starfall quest "Identifying The Threat - Hazardous Environment Suits":
  • The description text is missing the info that the 8x Pro Stardust Mote Collection Mk. I. have to be produced in the "The Forerunner" airship.
  • This will be corrected in an upcoming patch.

Starfall collection quests:
  • For quests that task players to collect a certain amount of motes or interact with a certain amount of S.C.R.A.P.P.E.R there are occasions where these can be hidden behind larger buildings and trees
  • Workaround: Move the building to another location/ Have sufficient woodcutters to chop all trees in an area
  • We are investigating means to improve upon this in an upcoming patch

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